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Study & Focus Tips from Limitless Tutor SA

Some tips on How to Focus:

Anyone who has sat down to try study for a set of exams, knows how the mind can wander and how time consuming the habit procrastination can be. I have put together some ideas to help keep focus in general as well as during exams.

1. Pick a study Place. Where will you be sitting every time you need to do some serious focus work? At your desk? At the dining room table? Pick a place with the least amount of potential distractions. Facing a wall instead of facing outside is encouraged. Your study environment MUST be tidy. Do not study in chaos. Keep your focus area tech free if possible. The less distractions, the better.

2. Do not listen to music with words or without instruments. Listen to classical music if music or background sound is a necessity for you.

3. Set a Focus Window for studying or working. Ask yourself honestly how much time you’re capable of focusing on the task at hand. If it’s an hour, great. If it’s 45 minutes, great too. Set an alarm for the end of the time you decided to focus for. That way you avoid looking at your clock and can purely focus on the task at hand. Tip: investing in an Old School alarm clock would be a winner. Otherwise Airplane mode your phone and use the alarm ONLY.

4. Plan for your week ahead based on which commitments you have planned. Slot in your study windows realistically. Fit in as many focus windows as possible, but always be realistic. Do not try fit in an hour of Maths after 2 hours of sport. Odds are you will be too tired. Add an additional slot to a day where you have less going on.

5. Pay attention to your thoughts. Our minds are made to wander and explore. When you catch your thoughts wandering. Simply write down important things that pop up. Bring your focus back to what you are working on. Practise focusing on the important task or subject for the entire focus window. Keep Practising to master this discipline.

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