What are the Benefits of Group Tutoring VS  One-on- one Tutoring?


There are many benefits to both tutoring situations. One on one tutoring allows the tutor to focus all their attention on one student at a time, therefore finding their strengths and weaknesses in a specific subject or topic area. One on one lessons also make it easier for the tutor and student to form stronger working  relationships. There would be less distractions and more time to focus solely on the particular student’s needs or task at hand.

For the above mentioned and other reasons, one on one tutoring tends to carry a higher price tag than group tutoring and workshops. One on one tutoring is sometimes a better fit for students that struggle to show an interest in a particular subject. As Group sessions may be distracting to them.


Group lessons and workshops have many benefits too. These are good for self starters as well as students that are not over-enthusiastic about extra lessons. Besides the obvious factor of being more affordable than One on one lessons,the lessons are often more structured to cover a syllabus over a year or term. There can be two-10 or more students per class. Students can benefit from the questions other students are struggling with too. Seeing other students coming to the sessions may help the student feel less isolated in their struggle. Group session may be a good tutoring solution for students being home schooled, as it would allow them some more time amongst their peers. It is often an interesting learning experience when students of different ages explore a topic together. As an Afrikaans tutor, there have been many instances where a grade 7 or 8 student asks a question, and after I answer it, I see the grade 11’s or MATRICS writing down the feedback. This is a great sign as our aim for each lesson is to pass on as much knowledge as possible in each lesson.


When it comes to making a decision between One-on-one tutoring VS group tutoring, it is a good idea to look at current academic results. Below 40% probably means One on One time is necessary until there is an improvement. Budget is to be considered. How much are you willing to spend on these extra lessons?

The student’s attitude towards improving their mark should be considered. If the student needs a lot of encouragement, a group setting may not be a good fit.


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